Mobile Compatibility

Templates configured for better display on cellphones, mobile devices, iPod, iPads, Blackberry and others. See Responsive vs. Mobile
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Hard Difficulty
HTML5 / CSS responsive web templates configured to work on any device or any computer type. Cellphones, iPods, iPads, Blackberry as well as PC and Mac. Not just for mobile.
sample | search keyword mobihybrid | mobile sites

Hard Difficulty
Websites automatically change design elements, menus and font sizes when a mobile device is detected. Uses CSS Media Queries code. See responsive details.
example | more details | search for responsive

Mobile Upgrade
Easy Difficulty
Add a mobile sub-website upgrade to any existing website (even older sites). Helps mobile SEO. See mobile site add-on

With Mobile
Hard Difficulty
Full HTML5 website with an integrated mobile sub-site. May include an intro select page or a css detection overlay.
sample | search keyword withmobile

Mobile Optimized
Hard Difficulty
Designed for mobile compatibility. Designs will include a mobile sub website or be responsive.
example | more details | search for mobile optimized

Tablet / iPad
Easy Difficulty
Tablet templates are configured for iPad but also work perfectly on PC and Mac and mobiles. See iPad websites